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 After 43 years of commercial day hunting for ducks and geese, I praise the Lord for his leadership and prosperity in this business venture.
 I have now retired from this profession. I leave this web site up not to secure anymore bookings, but as a testimony to what God can do when we pray and seek his will for our life.
 In the moments of darkness, just before sunrise before the morning hunt begins , I have led in prayer requesting a safe hunt , a bountiful harvest of ducks and geese. With each group of hunters I have also prayed that God would reveal his overwhelming love to each hunter present. That the windows of heaven would be opened. That each hunter present would be blessed, spiritually, physically & financially.
 At the age of 62, I sense God is calling me to pastor or shepherd a group of people somewhere.
 I am ready to use my acquired relationship skills to further advance the kingdom of God. Pray for me as I seek his leadership of where to go or what to do.

Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord ( Give Him first place in your life. Live as He wants you to ) and He will give you your hearts desires.
                                                                          Love in Christ
                                                                          David Smith

"A Premier Duck & Goose Hunting Guide Service"
43 Years of Experience
(Since 1976)

"There is no other country in the world where the ordinary citizen can go out and enjoy hunting and fishing. There is no other nation in the world where that happens, and it's very much a part of our heritage."                     Normon Schwarzkopf

 Since 1976 (40 years), David Smith Hunting, a duck and goose guide service, has been hunting the Mississippi duck and goose migration flyway, west of the Mississippi River. The first of two locations presently being hunted is in Southeast Arkansas near Lake Village which is south of Stuttgart, Arkansas. The second location is in Southwest Louisiana near Lake Arthur in the Thornwell area. Both areas offer excellent duck and goose hunting in agricultural areas.

 For the greenhead mallard enthusiast, experience two styles and locations of flooded timber hunting near Lake Village, Arkansas. On the first morning of a two day hunt, the first style of flooded timber hunting is from a duck blind that is elevated approximately 20 feet above the ground hidden in the tree shadows under the canopy of the tree tops. Shooting down at the greenhead mallards as they suddenly descend through the timber or shooting skyward as they ascend through the tree tops. On the second morning of a two day hunt, experience the second style of flooded timber hunting by hunting a different location wading and standing in the water near a tree, shooting greenhead mallards as they descend through the tree tops and suddenly appear in your face! In the evening after the first morning hunt, enjoy a spectacular, incredible, sometimes ridiculous specklebelly goose hunt. Specklebelly goose hunting in this area is simply outstanding! Not enough hunting? Also consider a third morning hunt - a combination duck and goose hunt from a buried pit blind. Experience (see and hear) an incredible movement of ducks and geese as they begin their morning activities. Harvest a variety of ducks such as: mallards, pintails, gadwalls, teal and widgeon. Specklebelly, blue, snow and ross geese are also harvested on the combination duck and goose hunt and are found in large numbers. Wow! To much to do and too much to choose from! The hunting is outstanding and incredible! And there is more!

 The February "Special Order Conservation Season" for blue, snow, and ross geese in
Arkansas is exciting, explosive and incredible!

 For an incredible September Teal small duck migration , look to the Bayou State of Louisiana also known as the "Sportsman's Paradise". Hunting with David Smith Hunting during the massive September teal migration is phenomenal and incredible! Swing fast and shoot or miss the opportunity! Excellent Combination Duck and Goose hunting (shooting ducks and geese from the same blind on the same hunt) is also available near Lake Arthur, Louisiana during the months of November, December and January.
Hunting Louisiana and Arkansas allows David Smith Hunting to maximize shooting opportunities!

The Mississippi Flyway
( West of the Mississippi River )
DavidSmithHunting Ark La Combo 2
2016 Teal Season Video

 In Arkansas, hunters are allowed 6 ducks, 20 blue, snow and ross geese, 3 specklebelly geese and 2 Canadian geese per hunter per day. During the February "Special Order Conservation Goose Season", there is no limit on blue, snow and ross geese that can be harvested. Hunting areas are west of Lake Village, Arkansas and south of Stuttgart, Arkansas. At a given time before sunrise, we will meet at a designated location and hunters will follow in their vehicles to the hunting area. Transportation from vehicles to blind will be provided.

  In Louisiana we are allowed 6 ducks, 20 blue, snow and ross geese, 2 specklebelly geese and one Canadian goose per hunter per day. Hunting areas are located south of I-10 in the heart of "Goose Country". At a given time before sunrise, we will meet at the Shop Rite Travel Plaza. Bourbon Street Cafe, open 24 hours, 1823 Elton Road, Jennings, LA. 70546 (337-616-9989), Exit 64/Hwy 26 off Interstate 10 approximately 500 yards south of Interstate 10. Hunters will then follow in their vehicles to a designated hunting area.  Transportation from your vehicle to the blind will be provided.
 Consider lodging in Jennings, LA which is near hunting sites. Jennings is located in Southwest Louisiana approximately 30 minutes west of Lafayette off 1-10 at exit 64 and Hwy 26. Hampton Inn and Suites Hotel are located at 310 W.Fred Ruth Ziegler

Memorial Drive, Jennings, LA 70546.
For reservations call 337-824-2699.
Hunters drive their vehicles to a designated
area and transportation to the blind is provided
Massive Geese 01
Massive Goose Video
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Purchase your Louisiana hunting license online
Purchase your Arkansas hunting license online
Hunters’ Testimonial
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DavidSmith-Hunting6661 DavidSmithHunting-6662
Samuel and Maddie Smith --Kathleen and Caleb Smith
David’s two sons & their wives building family togetherness with an outdoors sporting activity.
David on left with his Pastor George Lee Glass and his son Lee (Grace Church of DeRidder, La.) with guide Paul Baker on right.
“Share the love of Christ with others.”
102 Geese - 12 Hunters - 1 blind
One Morning Hunt
48+ boxes of shells
The above hunt is not a typical hunt with David Smith Hunting.
  It’s an extraordinary hunt given by an extraordinary God to an ordinary group of hunters. One man within this group of hunters, bold in his faith, led this group in prayer seeking God’s timing as to the day they could come together and enjoy a two day hunt in Christian fellowship. On this day, God gave these men an extraordinary hunt, a hunt of a lifetime, a hunt these guys will never forget.
  Appreciate the fact that we serve a risen and living Lord and Savior.
Serve the Lord with all your heart and he will give you the desires of your heart (Psalm 37:4).
David Smith Hunting 2015026A

David on left with 10 year hunting guide Paul Baker

David Smith Hunting 2015026A1
Rod King on far right, David’s solar energy consultant,
with (L-R) Elizabeth King Rousse, Gina Usea King,
and David King.
(Not in photo is Rod’s wife Stacy Guidry King)

Don’t forget to include your wife, girl friend, sister, mother, daughter etc. on a hunt. They will love and appreciate you for doing so!

Cell: 337-305-1956
Bus: 337-546-6492
Mail Address:
450 Harold Street, Eunice, LA. 70535
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